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Sounds too much like doing right. :-)

I am a little confused about the phrase "inter-gendered". I have never heard that phrase, before. I have heard the phrase intersex, meaning someone born with the sexual organs of both sexes. I have heard the word transgendered, meaning someone born one physical sex but identifying with the opposite sex. What is "inter-gendered"?

Thanks for the comment and question. I probably should have used the term "intersex" rather than "inter-gender" because I intended to refer to people who are born with indeterminate genitalia or who may appear externlly to be one gender but who have internal organs of another gender, or who in some other manner are of mixed gender.

But, I think the use of the term inter-gendered applies as well to my point, which is that we have an abundance of reasons to change our marriage laws and practices to more reasonable, less discriminatory, and more fair and kind ones.

Ah, Pat, you are so sensible. :-)

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