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Well said, Stephanie. Obama is a good candidate, but Hillary Clinton was born for this role and has spent her entire life moving toward it. She is by far the most qualified candidate on the slate.

As for not being likeable, that's just made up, anti-feminist put-down. You should have heard the crowd in Atlanta screaming, "We love you, Hillary!" and cheering when she walked into the room. She is very well liked by millions of people.

Men who run for office aren't expected to be gorgeous (which Hillary is -- I'll be thrilled if I look that good at her age!) as well as dignified, cool under pressure and everything else. She is not as "charismatic" as Obama, but let's face it -- This is not American Idol. We are picking our next president. The fact that Clinton talks about complexities and details actually gives me heart. It is obviously she has thought deeply about the issues and has a real plan.

Go Hillary!

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