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I think it's a little strange that Mitt isn't given more credit for the values that he stands for. His Ocean Ad, recently released was excellent. What parent in their right mind wouldn't want to "clean up the ocean for our kids?" I personally am appalled at the amount of pornograpy, sex, drugs, crime and violence so blatantly displayed in our music videos, video games, movies, and on the net. I heard a song the other day that said it well. "...the office has been in the glare, with affairs and more that defile such a high position.." Isn't it time that we raised our expectations of the candidates running for office? Isn't it time that we vote for someone with integrity, honesty, and leadership? You can listen to that song here at www.ericproffitt.com it's the first one and is called "Raise the Bar"

If you're appalled at pornography, don't vote for Romney who made a fortune off pay-per-view porn in hotels. Really sick stuff with names like "As Young as They Come." Kinda gives "family values" a new meaning...

That is so ridiculous. Marriot made money off those channels but Romney? Absolutely not. And another matter that I find amusing is that anyone who has served on a board of directors knows that they have no influence of the finite decisions of day to day living such as what plays on the in house TV channels of the hotel. I strongly oppose pornography and am saddened that a man of Marriotts influence didn't use it more wisely in the choices he offered his guests.

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