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Hmm...better make sure the "O-tay" boxers have no fly, and put enough lace on them so they look like proper "feminine" panties, and while you're at it, change that "manly" green color to pink or lavender or something. You must not promote women wearing that which pertaineth to a man...

The Cybelians are doing the Lady's work. I hope they live long and prosper, and redeem us from this insane machismo. The world would be a more peaceful place. Too bad there is no church yet in the Capital Region.

A man who knows his place

Do you have statistics about Cybelians leaving the Church? If no, then you cannot rightly compare Cybelians to Christian wives who are forced to stay in a marriage they are not happy with until they find a way to escape.

I think that you ought to be careful to differentiate between something you do not approve of and something that is failing. The Cybelian movement has been a success and is growing. There are couples who continue to find such marriage arrangement beneficial to both of them, even if others frown on it.

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