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Do you really buy this sad line of distrust that your so afflicted by? Are you not just feeling your feelings of rejection because your life didn't turn out the way that you hoped it would? I spent 20 yrs with you and I know my life didn't turn out the way I had hoped but I'm not blaming WOMEN because they have the sexual organs that make men feel wonderful........men have the sad distinction of having the role of HEAD, that was placed upon us by the same GOD that you profess has pulled you out of the crap that men have feed you....You don't admit the crap that you feed me, or how very selfish your life with me was...I am sorry that you are still not healed from your crappy childhood, but you have the power to STOP thinking those thoughts just like I do.

I just wanted to say hi.....but once again your words got in the way. Luv 2 you always!

Hello Mike. Nice to hear from you.

Hey, actually it was 21 years to my recollection. And I'm sure that I was less than perfect.

But what do you mean that men have a distinction of a role of "head". Where do you see that in Scripture and what does it mean to you? This is something we never talked about in all our years together. And I really would be interested in what you think.

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