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AMEN! Preach it Pat! Age is really such a ridiculous number on so many levels and quite inconsequential. I know 'old' people in their 20's and 'young' people in their 80's. If a person is truly engaged with life they usually project a vitality that transcends age regardless of grey hairs or wrinkles. Like you, my grey hairs first appeared in my early 20's. I rinsed for about 2 years but frankly just couldn't be bothered so stopped. Hardly a week goes by that I don't get a compliment on my grey hair (& from total strangers!). I think that I probably look younger because of my grey hair because in this youth-obsessed society people don't expect to see as young a face with grey hair (but it IS catching up! LOL.) Most women colour their hair although I love to see more women going natural. What makes me laugh is the women who say "I'd let my hair go grey if it looked as good as yours" but they've never tried it to see! I won't even start on the cancer-causing chemical dyes that are absorbed into the body! Maureen

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