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Good for you.

I love corsets, and I do own one. It's a rather plain looking black corset, and it works well with either dresses or skirts. In fact, I got married wearing a corset (then again, you should know, you were there!) :)

I don't wear it out too often, and when I do, I'm always a bit self-conscious. I ask my husband if it embarasses him to go out with a "deviant" who wears a corset, and he assures me that he's proud to do so. :)

Well, Ruthie, contrats on your corset, but, I'm thinking that seventy one year old women deserve corsets too. So, why not get one now, and be sure and get one when you're sixty one, seventy one, eighty one, ninety one, one hundred and one, and on, and on.

Maybe one a year after one hundred and one. Life does not need to be short for us to deserve the very best, every year, every month, every day, and every hour. Every minute too, though it probably should not be limited to corsets.

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