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I'm reminded, by your experience with the kittens, of my first disallusionment with church. It was in Corcoran, California, at the Missionary Baptist Church. It was at Vacation Bible School the summer after the sixth grade.

I didn't have a pencil to do something we were supposed to do, and the pastor, Martin Canavan was his name, happened to walk by me. I asked him if he had a pencil I could use, and he said, no he didn't, and walked a few feet away, where, soon, someone else, an adult or teen asked him the same quesiton. He quickly reached in his pocket and pulled a pencil out and handed it to the one requesting.

He had plainly lied to me. This really amazed me. He was the pastor, someone I'd looked up to, someone who preached hell and brimstone sermons about sin and judgment. He had lied to me about a pencil, slick as could be, with no hint of hesitation or remourse.

I realized at that moment that church was not necessarily the pristine moral place I'd thought it to be, and that being in it and of it was no guarantee of morality. Useful lesson.

Wonderful inspiring thoughts Galina. I would have taken that bag of kittens, no problemo!

It is a horrific shame that the church is so full of unspiritual and counter spiritual happenings.

And Pat, that must have been such a shock for a young girl to have viewed such blatant bias in a pastor.

Oh dear. I would have certainly let you seek a home for the kittens. :-( Probably would have gotten in trouble because I would have taken one or two home, and...Ken is allergic. ;-)

Because of my awe of God...EVERYTHING matters. Compartmentalizing life that way is foolish. God is so much bigger. But it took me a while to realize this, and I am still in the process of prioritizing. Things can't all matter equally...but I am constantly finding myself rearranging priorities these days and looking at things in new ways.

And Pat, your post made me gasp in dismay! Oh, how I wish you had the wisdom and the boldness of your adult self in that instance...man! That pastor deserved to be confronted. How inexplicable.

Hey Galina,

You KNOW that I would have taken ALL those little kittens! And what a superficial, shallow view of G-d's creation that pastor had. What a shame. I also think that "the least of these" also could mean animals as well.

I also cannot help but think of the person who "discarded" those poor little kittens (like so much trash) in the first place. Lord knows I would have much to give account for, but I would really hate to have to look Our Lord Jesus in the face and have to give an accounting for that. OTOH, Our Lord would be far more merciful than I would be!

Galina, if there were more Christians in this world like you, the world would be a much better place. In my experience it has been rare to find people who look at Jesus for example, and not at Bible interpretations for an excuse to justify their ways.

PS: I can't believe your pastor!

freedom to disagree? Oh my dear soul, the matter becomes giving others the freedom to disagree...then we are truly loving.


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